923-155/1L MS Лак

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Артикул: 923-155/1L
923-155/1L MS Лак
32.00 € (1L)

923-155/1L MS Лак 


MS clear for basecoat/clearcoat systems


Fairly high solids content (medium solid), outstanding resistance to weathering and yellowing, excellent hardness, fast drying and tape resistance


  • Select hardener and reducer according to ambient temperature and size of object to be painted.
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Paint system

VOC ready for use

> 420 g/l

Spreading rate:

220 m²/l at 1 µm

Mixing ratio

2 : 1 + 10% 

100% by vol. 923-155


50% by vol. 929-91/-93/-94


10% by vol. 352-91/-50/-216

Spray viscosity

DIN 4 at 20°C

16 - 18 s

Potlife at 20°C:

3 hours

Gravity cup

Spraying pressure

HVLP-gravity-feed spray gun: 1.3 mm 2.0 – 3.0 bar

0.7 bar at the nozzle

Compliant gravity-feed spray gun:

1.3 -1.4 mm 2.0 bar

Number of spraycoats

Film thickness:

50-60 µm

Flash-off at 20°C

approx. 5 minutes after each spraycoat

Drying at 20 °C

Drying at 60 °C

5 hours

30 min.

Infrared (short wave)

Infrared (medium wave)

8 min.

10 - 15 min.

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